7 Reasons to Start Homesteading TODAY

Chances are, you are already doing something that homesteaders do and you may not even realize it. You may have a garden, be a hunter, have backyard chickens for eggs, or just simply mend your own clothes, knit, make soap or other DIY projects that benefit your family. Modern homesteading is living a life that leads you towards self-sufficiency. 

Modern homesteaders rely on gardening, composting, preserving their harvests, and even raising livestock to attain a self-sustaining lifestyle. You don’t need to own 50 acres or even 1 acre to begin homesteading. While living off-grid is a dream of many homesteaders, it’s not for everyone. Some of us just want to save money, be healthy, and live off what little land we may own (or rent!). Some people are even able to homestead in small apartments in big cities with balcony or rooftop container gardens.

It’s my personal belief that anyone can (and should!) start homesteading no matter where you live or what your profession is. Many of my friends are already beginning to homestead and I’m not even sure they know they are doing it.

7 Reasons to Start Homesteading TODAY:

1. Security during hard times

Have you ever wondered what you would do if the economy completely collapsed? What if you lost your job and couldn’t find one that paid the bills?

We are living in uncertain times, especially with all of the effects of COVID-19.  Stores are selling out of eggs and produce, meat prices are rising and some stores are limiting the amount you can purchase. Milk and bread aisles were bare for weeks. What if you didn’t have to worry about any of that? What if you had enough food stored that you could feed your family for an entire year?  

2. Save money

You can begin homesteading for very little cost. There are many activities you can do with recycled items.. There are a few costs you may incur initially, but they are more of a one-time purchase and in the long run will actually save you money.  One of those is canning supplies. You will reuse your mason jars and canning pots for years to come. I’m almost positive my grandma only ever owned one sauce master as well, and she canned a plethora of food that would last a year or more!  

You may also have to purchase baby chicks if you plan on raising chickens, and there may be some start-up costs involved, but if you are smart about raising your chickens, they will end up saving (and even maybe making) you money.

3. Make money

Have extra eggs? You’ll be sold out in no time. Maybe you have a knack for woodworking, sewing, or soapmaking. If you have the space, you can set up a little greenhouse and sell off your extra starts. I’ve even heard growing microgreens is very profitable. You could even be a handyman or handywoman if you have the skills to do odd jobs for people. Farmer’s markets and craft shows are also great places to sell your handmade or homegrown items. Gardening can be profitable if you have a good farmer’s market nearby where you can sell your excess produce. The possibilities are endless if you are determined enough to succeed. 

4. Be closer to nature

Even if you have a tiny container garden on a porch, you will be closer to nature. Just being outdoors has proved to have many benefits especially those relating to mental health.  And learning exactly what the earth can provide for us is just an amazing experience in itself. 

5. Know exactly where your food came from

Have you ever read the back of a label at the grocery store and wondered what on earth half of the ingredients even are? Do you know exactly what was sprayed on your produce or used in the fields where it was grown? When you grow your own food, you control the environment that your food is grown in from the soil and seeds to the food on your dinner plate. You know exactly what is in your compost bin and what you fed your chickens last week. Knowing your food is as organic as you can make it without the use of carcinogenic pesticides is about as good as it gets. Nothing beats wholesome, healthy, organic food.

6. Freedom

Again, relating to security and the economy, you will have freedom from the bondage of modern consumerism. Freedom of choice when it comes to your food. You may even eventually have freedom from the 9-5 job that you loathe going to.  Freedom to live how you want, when you want, and where you want. 

7. Satisfaction of your own hard work

No one said homesteading would be easy, but it is a simple lifestyle. And when you put that plate of food on the table and sit down to a quite literal homegrown meal, you will feel the utmost joy (and possibly exhaustion too). You will have reaped the rewards of your hard work in providing for your family. Now that’s what I call the good life.

What was your motivating factor for starting a homestead? If you don’t have a homestead, why would you like to start? Leave a comment.

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